Foundation For Now Success

Mission statement:

To help people, organizations, social programs, charities and worthy causes through success awards, financial grants, financial assistance and philanthropy.

Foundation for Now Success provides the following:

  1. Scholarships - To help people finance their educational goals.
  2. Grants - To assist in the care and well being of children and teenagers.
  3. Financial Assistance - For organizations who help people: obtain transportation, housing, food and utilities.
  4. Philanthropy - Our philanthropy recognizes and awards individuals who have led an exemplary life that has impacted society and people in a positive way. Each year we award ten people the, "Right Choice Success," Award. This award comes with a One Million Dollar check.

We award ten *Right Choice Success* awards a year in various areas, but not limited to the following:

  1. Parents, school teachers and 12th grade students.
  2. Individual people of various achievements, to include mothers and fathers who take care of their family.
  3. Politicians - Presidents, Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Kings, Queens and world leaders.
  4. United Nations, Military, The Pentagon. - Intelligence community. Sororities and Fraternities.
  5. Media and Entertainment, Celebrities, Movie Stars and Moguls.
  6. Scientists, Medical Doctors and Medical Researchers.
  7. Mental Health, Psychiatrist, Social Workers, Psychologist, Church Pastors, Bishops, Arch Bishops and Ministers.
  8. Wall Street Investors - Entrepreneurs, Investors - Bankers and Tycoons.
  9. Lawyers - Judges - Law Enforcement.
  10. Chairmen, CEO’s, Presidents and Founders of Corporations.

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Success Peoples

Foundation for Now Success is a subsidiary of Right Choice Success Corporation